Thursday, May 19, 2005

Change - Their diaper that is

Voting for "change" is taking on a different meaning these days. Change, according to the Republicans, is about changing the rules if they don't like them. Don't like how many Democrats are in the House of Representatives, just redistrict them out even in between census taking every 10 years. You only got 208 judges approved and 10 held up by filibuster? Throw a tantrum, claim the constitution hasn't been followed in 214 years and then set out to change the rules. Not happy with the rules or the members on the House Ethics Committee? Quietly put the fix in and change them. Follow the long standing 15 minute time limit for House votes? Forget it. Make them open ended to give Republicans enough time to extort Republicans to change no votes into yes votes. Why not? Majority rules. Sounds fair. I'm all in favor of this actually. And now Democrats should thank the Republicans for them opening the door. They should redistrict Illinois and other Democratic controlled states. They should use every remaining rule to oppose Republicans in the Senate including a little talked about "hold" which is a filibuster of one. And when the Democrats re-take the House, Senate and Presidency, which will happen at some point, they should ruthlessly govern those bodies as the Republicans have. Look for the next tactic from Republicans who cry about their victimization of only controlling the Presidency, House and Senate. They will tell you if you oppose any Republican change whether it be Senate rules or Social Security privitization then the terrorists win. Someone get some wipes and change their diapers.


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