Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Out of context

There are a lot of quotes public people say that should begin, "I'd be insane to say..." but never do. Afterwards they always say, "It was taken out of context." Here is one from a couple of weeks ago courtesy of

Hillary Clinton's Senate opponent next year, Republican DA Jeanine Pirro, told Chemung County Republicans, "That's a difference between Democrats and Republicans - we don't want them next door molesting children and murdering women." Pirro's campaign manager Brian Donahue said, "This quote is out of context."

Any other "out of context" favorites out there you've seen? let me know.

BONUS UPDATE: Loyal readers of my blog will recall the computer hard drive crash and ensuing nightmare. Good news from the disk hospital. The geeks in white lab coats got the data off. If it happens to you, I recommend Data Recovery Group.


Blogger phinky said...

Here's a quote from several Bush administratio officials taken out of context, "We know Saddam had something to do with 9/11."

5:59 PM  

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