Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, Part II

This is getting sadly too easy. When I see an article or two that catches my eye I know instantly whether they are worthy of commentary. Unfortunately the quotes and articles are increasingly about Evangelical Christianity or rather a particularly extreme form of it. (Threee "lys" in a sentence? What would Strunk and White say?) The form that demands no taxation for dividends, capital gains or inheritance. The kind that brings a sack lunch to death penalty executions, suggests violence against pro-choice supporters and their doctors and thinks pre-emptive war and warrantless spying are no-brainers. Of course they insist upon teaching creationism rather than evolution and if they want to, go ahead -- in the their own living rooms of their own home schools. They lost in Dover, Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court will eventually rule against them. Unless that is if the Congress, a happy helper of the religious wrong, takes away the Supreme Court's jurisdiction to review such a case. One of the few areas besides hearings about steroid use in baseball that Congress uses it's constitutional authority.

I used to have some resepct for Sen. John McCain but no longer. "Let the student decide." With those well-chosen words John McCain summed up his view on the teaching of "intelligent design" along with evolution in public schools. While this is not new in the fact that he has said this type of thing before, it just is the latest example of the Crusaders tightening the noose around America. Capt. Fogg rails on this subject with more historical (but less hysterical) content over at Human Voices. He is fighting the good fight against bad people. The only reason I bring up John McCain's latest pandering to the religious wrong is that Gov. JEB Bush said the other day, when asked about whether he believes in Darwin's theory of evolution, "Yeah, but I don't think it should actually be part of the curriculum, to be honest with you. And people have different points of view and they can be discussed at school, but it does not need to be in the curriculum.''

Add that to the possibility of the next governor of Alabama coming from the Ten Commandments Party and I wouldn't wait so long to make your travel plans before the pre-emptive war doctrine is employed in this country against all those who are "non-believers." Sounds a lot like infidels huh? The religious wrong sees an opportunity to put into place elected officials, lifetime appointed judges, consitutional amendments and presidential powers and directives that will be difficult if not impossible to undue any time in the near future. Pardon me a moment, I have to go make some travel plans.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

You can't hide from the inquisition and they'll be monitoring your call to travel agents anyway.

Believe it or not, but Florida has passed a law making it mandatory for kids to say the Pledge - God stuff and all. It's so unconstitutional that it glows in the dark, but more on that tomorrow.

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