Friday, May 19, 2006

Bill of rights, end slavery and no gay marriage

The mental patients in charge of the Congress are at it again. This week they have met behind closed doors to draft a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Apparently, marriage is under attack and must be defended. Actually, it only is under attack every two years in an election year. The disgrace of a senator, Sen. Arlen ("Magic Bullet") Specter (R-PA) says he is against the amendment but he is going to vote for it so the senate can debate it fully.

Specter and his Republican nuts know this amendment won't pass. But that's not the point is it. It is going to provide the religious right and other nutjobs the political red meat to energize their base for the November election. This is on top of the Republicans pushing the English as official language bill. This is what they're working on? I realize this is an election year and a political tsunami is coming to whack Republican island but this is ridiculous. How about a hearing or two on the use pre-9/11 intelligence? How about a couple on the legality of NSA spying programs? How about fixing Medicare Part D? How about finding out why New Orleans and the Gulf Coast still look like Hiroshima? Gay marriage and English only? What a low even for the low standards of Washington. And as it has been widely reported Specter, with Karl Rove's hand up his ass like the puppet he is, held the gay marriage amendment mark-up in a private closed door room so the public couldn't see the insanity play out in full view. Secret government meetings to amend the U.S. Constitution to single out citizens for discrimination. Another embarrassment for the nation brought to you by your friendly Republican party.

You know what threatens marriage - unemployment, chronic illnesses and no health insurance, financial pressures, care for elderly parents or family members with life-impairing diseases - all things the Republican Congress could work on. But they would rather offer hate and divisiveness to waste time until they have to face voters in November. Let's hope for many of the Republican's it's the last time they are on a ballot.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I can remember when interracial marriage was a felony and letting Black people use the same waiting room in the train station would threaten the natural order. Same old stuff.

They're pigs, have always been pigs and will always be pigs and we will never have a free country until the Republicans are rounded up and run out of the country.

12:20 PM  
Blogger phinky said...

So what do they want gays to do? Marry straight people? Does that make for a good marriage?

As usual, conservatives have a knee jerk reaction and really haven't thought out the consequences. Just like the War in Iraq.

10:11 PM  

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