Friday, June 16, 2006

Chickenhawks United!

Chickenhawk Sean Hannity of Faux News, took time off from defending Ann Coulter, to sit down with fellow chickenhawk, Vice-President Dick ("five draft deferments") Cheney and make the Curmudgeon laugh at the headline, "Cheney sees GOP winning midterm elections." As an aside, Coulter now says of Democratic Rep. John Murtha, a thirty-seven year marine veteran, who was a drill instructor at Parris Island and rose to colonel having served in Vietnam and awarded two Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star with Combat "V" and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, that he is "the reason soldiers invented fragging." Fragging is a term that means to assassinate an unpopular member of one's own military unit perhaps with a fragmentation grenade. Nice lady. Probably just sold more books to her frag-loving patriots. I'd try to make a comment about fragging some top Republicans but since most of them are tough talking chickenhawks, almost none of them ever served in uniform let alone fought in combat, I got nothing.

Back to Darth Cheney who on thursday told fellow chickenhawk Hannity that the Republicans will prevail in the midterm elections because of a strong economy and the ability of the Bush administration to prevent another terrorist attack. For a guy who has been wrong about every outcome, except his own election (possibly through inside information?) it's laugh out loud funny as Roger Ebert might say.

Wrong about weapons of mass destruction, wrong about sufficient troop levels needed to stabilize Iraq or for force protection, wrong about the cost of the war, wrong about Iraqi oil revenues paying for the war, wrong about being greeted as liberators, wrong about the sectarian hatred in Iraq just waiting to uncorked, wrong about the nature of the insurgecy or whether one even existed, wrong about the "last throes" of the insurgency, wrong about everything. And yet he smirks and smiles and mugs and grins and tells Hannity Republicans are going to win in November. I had doubts about a Democratic takeover in the House but now that Cheney believes it won't happen is why it will. Cheney's track record is solid and consistent, it's just solidly and consistently wrong.


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That's because Republicans create their own reality. And God help you if burst their bubble.

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