Thursday, July 20, 2006

King George cuts the baby in half

President Bush used his veto for the first time in his six years in office to reject the overwhelming but not veto-proof majority of Congress which approved federal funding of stem cell research. Opponents of the federally funded stem cell research have argued that embryos and blastocysts are human life and that destroying them to further stem cell research is the taking of innocent human life. "Murder" and "killing" have also been used to describe stem cell research derived from frozen fertilized eggs. The president didn't argue to ban or outlaw stem cell research, that is, to ban "murder" of the fertilized eggs but rather simply to allow private researchers, private companies to do it and profit from it. Talk about the ultimate flip-flopper. Bush is against federally funded stem cell research but for state and private funding of the same research. To Bush and his religious fanatics, it's "killing" or "murder" but it's ok if a private company makes a profit off it.

This is religion or religious capitalism once again substituting for government backed science. This is an absurd assertion of faith that God is against federally funded stem cell research but for state and private funding of the same research. King George when faced with this King Solomon moment actually opted for cutting the baby or rather the fertilized egg and research in half.

Nearly 400 years ago Galieleo dealt with this church driven drivel during the Inquisition and was threaten with torture, imprisonment and death at the stake. He was forced to denounce his work and others who held his prior view that the earth revolved around the sun rather than vice versa. If Bush were in charge back then he probably would have supported state and private funding of earth-sun revolving research but ban federal funding. It's as absurd then as now. The only thing that has changed is the calender.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I've been curious as to how God feels about research into global warming and related weather phenomina. Is it the Tower of Babel sort of thing, or is God afraid that it might be bad for the oil business? George assures us that all this stuff comes from his "higher father" but there's no word on what his father is high on.

Anyway I've sent him e-mail at and and so far there's been no response.

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