Monday, October 09, 2006

I will do the opposite

If countries were people North Korea would be considered psychotic. With their nuclear bomb test yesterday they have taken a big step towards wrecking the planet for everyone whereas before they were content to do that to their own people. Its just more proof that it doesn't take very many people to wreck the planet. On the other hand, at least they've been honest with their public statements something our own government could learn from.

North Korea told everyone that they were breaking the U.N. monitoring seals on their nuclear fuel rods. They told everyone they were enriching nuclear fuel for a bomb. They told everyone they had a number of nuclear bombs and they told the world they were going to test a nuclear weapon. At least they were up front about it.

Back in this country our government refuses to level with the American public on the situation in Iraq. Bob Woodward's book, State of Denial, included a number of classified documents that showed when U.S. casualties were increasing, when our troops were being attacked over a 100 times a day or an average of every 15 minutes, Bush and his lackeys were telling the nation that the terrorists were on the run, that we've turned a corner in Iraq, that we were winning. None of it was true.

For months the Republicans have parroted the talking points of Karl Rove claiming the Democrats want to "cut and run" in Iraq. The Republicans have cut and run from reality and want you to join them there. The point behind charging over and over that the Democrats want to "cut and run" from Iraq was to lay the groundwork so that when the administration cuts and runs from Iraq it won't be called that - something like declare victory and get out - but not "cut and run." Quietly, James Baker III has been leading what is called the Iraq Study Group and their solution is to carve Iraq into three sub-countries with a loose central government. Talk about cut and run - their plan is to literally cut Iraq in three and run. The group also recommends talking to Iran and Syria something many people have suggested only to be called "appeasers of terror." It's political cover for the administration to cut and run from Iraq without it being called that by the know-nothings in the media. It's another phony report to have it both ways and be able to say you are for everything and nothing. It's a way to continue to be dishonest about your policies and intentions.

That's the difference between the maniacs in charge in North Korea and the maniacs in charge in Washington, D.C. The nuts in North Korea tell you what they are going to do and then do it. The ones here tell you what they're not going to do and then do it. The loons in North Korea stay in power by starving their people of food. The loons here stay in power by starving our people of truthful information. So when Bush tells you "the terrorists in Iraq are on the run" think the opposite. When he tells you we're not going to cut and run from Iraq think the opposite. When Bush tells you the Republicans are going to win in November because of their strong record, well, you know the rest.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I think you're using a double standard like all the other gutless liberals. It was the Democrats who first used nuclear weapons and I think it's very suspicious that this test came right at election time. It's obvious that George Soros offered them money to set the thing off to make our President look bad. Godless Liberals and Godless communists - it's all the same thing.

I mean the Dems knew they were building a bomb - why didn't they say anything until now? Maybe they would like to hand Asia over to Kim so they don't risk saying anything insensitive or politically incorrect? Maybe they'll just send Hillary over there to sell those freedom haters our country - and Jane Fonda and Michael Moore and Ted Kennedy to get in the way of everything our president is doing to keep us safe!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...

You are so right Captain. I mean, N. Korea wouldn't have thought they could get away with it if America had been as tough in the war on terror as the Republicans want us to be. It's because we've been all P.C. and don't want to be accused of Asia-bashing that we didn't do anything about N. Korea.


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