Monday, May 23, 2005

Calling Helen Keller

The Republicans love to say Democrats have no ideas except to attack Republicans. Well what do you call Social Security privatization, legislation about steroid use in sports, turning the Senate into the House - as in majority rules, a bankruptcy law that guarantees people suffering from bad breaks will continue to suffer and accusing Newsweeks magazine of basically being responsible for 17 jihadist murders in Afghanistan? Good ideas? And by the way -- if the White House is now outraged by unnamed sources in Newsweek how about figuring out who the unnamed source was in the White House who exposed CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame? How about calling jihadist murderers terrorists and not just good kids gone bad because they read the Periscope section of Newsweek? How about addressing some issues that effect real people and not baseball sluggers and credit card companies? How about that? I guess a good idea is in the eye of the beholder and right now the Republicans are blind. Absolute power does that to people.


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