Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Democrats - Bitch-slapped again

After making the "nuclear option" -- banning the filibuster for judicial nominees -- a fight between good and evil, seems like good and evil have more in common than we thought. So here is the deal and you decide if the Democrats and Harry Reid don't have a Lynndie England dog leash around them.

1. Janice Rodgers ("government is evil unless it promotes me" Brown, William Pryor and Priscilla ("I'm with Karl") Owens get a vote and will be confirmed as federal appellate court judges.

2. No commitment to vote for or against appellate nominees William Myers and Henry Saad.

3. In the future judicial nominess "should only be filibusted under extraordinary circumstances".

4. As long as Democrats follow the "spirit and commitments made in" the deal, the "nuclear option" of altering filibuster rules (i.e. reducing cloture vote to 51 vote majority) won't take place in the 109th Congress and the 109th Congress only.

So what did Democrats get in the deal? A bitch-slapping. Again. Forget the talk that both sides won and lost. Democrats folded. Any guesses what "extraordinary circumstances" mean? If John Bolten is nominated for the Supreme Court? Is that "extraordinary?" And what if he is nominated in the 110th Congress? The deal doesn't apply. So which side got the better deal? The fact is until the Democrats are willing to lose they will never win. At least the dog leash industry just got 45 new customers.


Blogger Ellen Beth said...

I heard on NPR that the compromise makes it very difficult for Democrats to use the filibuster because it will look like they are breaching the agreement. No one understands or cares enough to do the research to understand why some judicial appointments are bad enough to use it.

9:29 PM  

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