Thursday, June 16, 2005

Politics make strange bedfellows

In late March this year in Denver three people were kicked out of a Bush privitazation campaign stop by someone who by all appearances was with the Secret Service. The three had personally picked up tickets from the the offices of Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez (R-Colo.) and the presidential event was entirely paid for by taxpayers. As they entered they were told they had been "ID'ed" and were warned that any disruption would get them arrested. After being seated in the audience the three were told it was a "private event" and forcibly removed before the President arrived, even though they had not been disruptive. It turns out it was a Republican staffer who kicked them out (and was under investigation for impersonating a Secret Service agent) and that they had been "ID'ed" when local Republican staffers saw a bumper sticker on the car they drove in which said "No More Blood For Oil."

Apparently freedom isn't on the march in Denver and the three who were kicked out for being presumed Democrats might gotten more respect if they had been in the porn business and donated some money to W and company. To wit:

On June 14 porn star and former gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey joined her boss, Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis and attended a dinner with President Bush in Washington. Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which organized the event. Over a two-day course of NRCC events preceding the diner, Carey and Kulkis attended a meeting with presidential advisor Karl Rove and gave their recommendations on important national issues.

"I'm hoping to run as Lieutenant Governor of California next year," Carey said. "Since Arnold is a Republican I thought this dinner would be a great networking opportunity for me."

"I'm honored to be invited to this event," Kulkis said. "Republicans bill themselves as the pro-business party. Well, you won't find a group of people more pro-business than pornographers. We contributed over $10 billion to the national economy last year."

"I'm especially looking forward to meeting Karl Rove," Carey added. "Smart men like him are so sexy. I know that he's against gay marriage, but I think I can convince him that a little girl-on-girl action now and then isn't so bad!"

People kicked out of taxpayer funded open presidential events because some cop wanna-be thinks they aren't loyal enough Americans? Porn stars invited to dine with W and company? Karl Rove described as "sexy"? Aren't these signs of the Apocalypse described in The Book of Revelations? Can't be though since that means the salvation of the righteous and they just had dinner with one of the stars of Hot Showers 6 and New Wave Hookers 7.


Blogger scott heiman said...

I told me conservative Republican dear friend of mine about the screaming he (and his Republican Brethren) would be doing if Democrats had a porn star at a fundraiser.

Of course, his first line, was, "Well at least it wasn't Arafat!" Clarifying he meant that Clinton hosted Arafat at the White House many times.

After questioning his "family values," he said still not as bad as having a porn star in the White House (Monica).

Hypocrites. All of them.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Will Their Children Produce Porn News?

(BEVERLY HILLS) -- X-rated video mogul Mark Kulkis, who escorted porn star Mary Carey to June's GOP dinner with President Bush, has found a new love interest: Washington powerdater and CNN producer Kathy Benz.

The two met during an interview while Kulkis, 40, president and CEO of Kick Ass Pictures, was in DC for the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual President's Dinner. He's honorary chairman of the NRCC's Business Advisory Council, a roundtable of millionaire entrepreneurs.

Benz denies she's cozying up to Kulkis to get a scoop for CNN about the private lunch he and Carey had with White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove. "Mark's a wonderful guy and I think this could be the real thing," she tells girlfriends.

Benz, 35, is known in Washington power circles for dating such figures as venture capitalist Jonathan Ledecky (now trying to buy the Washington Nationals), Univ. of Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams, and spent time last August with Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin at his Hamptons home.

Her regular companions include Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), John Sununu, Sr, venture capitalist Mark Ein, Chicago Cubs VP John McDonough and Democratic lawyer Julian Epstein. She was engaged to John Daggett, AOL millionaire.

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