Monday, June 06, 2005

Mt. Bullsh*t

For the first time in a long while Tim Russert actually did a reasonably good interview with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press yesterday. Of course, I guess an hour isn't enough to ask follow up questions. But that would get in the way of providing an unfettered forum for political hacks, successful to the point of being chairman of their party type hacks, to pile it high. By "pile" I of course am refering the main subject of Harry Frankfurt's best selling "On Bullsh*t." The pile was breathaking in size and scale rivaling Mt. Everest. People will want to climb it one day simply because its there.

On stem cell research: "This is the first administration ever that has funded with federal dollars embryonic stem cell research.

You mean Washington, Lincoln and Hoover didn't fund stem cell research? What luddites. And we know what lack of vision Calvin Coolidge had for not funding nuclear power power research.

More on stem cell research: "[the president] believes it is wrong to destroy some life for the benefit of other life. And I think that's where he draws the line."

Unless its a line in the sand. Must be an Iraq exception in there somewhere. A few good men and women will give their lives so others can live in freedom?

On Social Security private accounts: "The reason the president is so committed to personal retirement accounts is because it's a better deal for future generations. If you had taken in 1988 $10,000 and put that money into the personal retirement account that is available to every single member of Congress, every single federal employee, you'd have $42,000 today. If you put that same money in Social Security, you'd have $11,700 today."

Oh, Mr. Mehlman, what if you had put $10,000 into the stock market Jan. 2000? Would I even have enough for a McDonald's Happy Meal?

On the economy: "Well, Tim, I think that the economy is doing well. We've created, as you know over the past two years, 3.5 million jobs. Homeownership is at an all-time high"

Too bad 3.5 million new jobs doesn't keep up with what employment needs are and falls short of the 7 million new jobs promised by W in Sept. 2002 - well after 9/11. And as for homeownership at an all-time high? If one new home is sold every year that would be an new all-time high. It's almost always an all-time high Mr. Wizard.

On judicial filibusters: "For 214 years, we've had an up-or-down vote. There's never been a judge before Miguel Estrada, that was denied the chance for an up-or-down vote if they had majority support."

Tell that to Justice Abe Fortas with the first judicial filibuster led by Republicans or Judge Richard Paez who Sen. Bill Frist voted to continue the filibuster on March 8, 2000. Or, oh forget it, the lie has traveled around the world before truth could get its shoes on.

On Tom Delay: "Tom DeLay and his wife went to the Soviet Union, met with a Jewish family there that were Soviet refusniks, that were people who were being persecuted because they believed in wanting--because they believed in God and they wanted to worship under their religion and he conducted a Passover seder for them. I didn't know that about him, and that's another example like the fact that Tom DeLay is so committed to helping make sure that foster children have the care they need. There's a caricature too often in this town of people that describes them in these one-dimensional ways."

Tom DeLay a misunderstood mensch and closet Mother Teresa type. Uh, huh.

Maybe Mt. Everest is too small a comparison to this steaming pile.


Blogger scott heiman said...

So glad, I didn't watch it. Your summary, just makes my blood boil. Did Russert, challenge him on any of those comments that you highlighted?


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