Friday, June 03, 2005

Michael Jackson - Who cares

I mean who really cares? Whether Jackson is convicted or acquitted will it have the least bit of impact on anyone except him? What difference does it make in your life or anyone's? If Michael gets off (which may have got him indicted in the first place) and people cheer "We won!" what exactly did they win? It's not like sharing in a lottery prize. Sure this is a news story but maybe a blurb, a note, how about some copy on a crawl. Tell me when he is indicted and tell me the outcome. Think of the hundreds and hundreds of hours wasted by cable news showing and viewers watching this circus when real issues that need some attention get none. He comes to the courthouse one day late and in his pajamas and and I half expected MSNBC to interview a pajama expert talking about the type of jammies he was wearing and what does it mean for the case. I realize its hard to sink lower than psychic medium John "Crossing Over" Edward on cable being interviewed about Terri Schiavo's aura surrounding her in her near death state but with the Jacko trial we may have at least come close.

P.S. If John Edward is as good a pyschic as he claims did he know in advance that his show was going to be cancelled? Did he know I was going to blog about him?


Blogger scott heiman said...

I had the same "Michael Jackson" discussion with a friend on Friday. She and my wife were commenting about the life of Tom Cruise and what people had to say about him. Then they talked a little about the Michael Jackson case.

My response to both was, "Who Cares?!" The media is dumbing us down by reporting this meaningless crap that doesn't affect our lives, while ignoring the major news. What is the major news my friend asked (my wife new what was coming next) that we are not being told.

Well how about the 6 World Trade Center tragedies that happen in this country every year and can be prevented. What she said? Every year 18,000 Americans die due to pollution in the air we breathe and water we drink. And while the President talks about how is tax cut helps offset the increases in energy costs, he fails to tell us that if he just raised the mileage standards on cars by 8 miles per gallon, we wouldn't have to import one drop of Persian Gulf oil. The air and water would be dramatically cleaner, saving 10's of thousands of lives, ( and their related health care costs) and putting around an extra $1,000 per yeat in every driver's car in this country.

So while every day we are inundated with Michael Jackson, we could and should be inundated with the type of information that I just talked about.

By the way, for more on the environment, health care, the economy and the dumbing down of our media, get a copy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. book "Crimes Against Nature."

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