Monday, July 18, 2005

Honey, it's a political blog!

A couple of months ago I had a great idea. Why not be the last person on earth to have a blog? Done. The Daily Curmudgeon was thus born committed to bringing the finest political analysis on the most important issues of the day...yeah, right. It was to focus my gift of crankiness and complaining on those who are in charge of running the country who probably shouldn't be running a lemonade stand. So I have tried to write interesting, funny and sometimes vicious blog entries. But was that enough for my wife? Nope.

"Good post today but why don't you do a story about me?" she asks. "Honey, it's a political blog!" I say. "Are you outing CIA agents? Are you trying to destroy Social Security? Selling your house to a defense contractor, whose yacht you live on, for $700,000 above market value? Are you an elected official calling people worse than Hitler like here, here and here? Are you passing bankruptcy and Medicare bills that hurt the financially challenged and infirmed? Are you "supporting the troops" and then cutting veterans benefits, sending troops into battle without armor, bullets or radios and preventing them from leaving the military when their duty is up? "No" the Curmudgeon's wife sheepishly replies. "But I still don't see why you can't do a blog posting about me."

O.k. Assuming you were an elected official, or some other small cog in the running of the federal government, and if you were outing CIA agents, calling people worse than Hitler, passing bankruptcy and Medicare bills that hurt those that can't afford to be hurt anymore and sending troops into battle without armor, bullets or radios, then yes, I'd do a blog posting about you and I'd point out what a shame and scandal it is that you're involved in makin these decisions. And I'm also not happy with that new wallpaper in the bathroom.


Blogger Notromemos said...

Man, I can relate on the bathroom wallpaper. Women can really screw-up the very place of ultimate contemplation. Nothing can constipate the mind more. But she is the wife ...

9:35 PM  
Blogger Ellen Beth said...

Mrs. Rosen is welcome to comment on my blog any time.

11:01 AM  

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