Thursday, July 28, 2005

SSSHHH - Geniuses at Work

It's something I can count on every day. Sort of like the sun rising every morning. There isn't enough cyperspace to cover the amount of indefensible incompetence at work in the government. And I'm not talking about the usual sleeping in city trucks or clueless building inspectors or hire your friends type stories. It's been nearly four years sine 9/11 and we still don't have enough translators to review surveillence tapes of possible terrorists plots? Excuse me? Are you kidding me? It takes nine months to create a human being and you can't hire enough in four years to listen to whether some Dr. Evil wannabe is preparing to destroy the world with liquid hot magma?

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the Justice Department's inspector general described over 8,300 hours of untranslated material and he had "no assurance" that some of that material "does not include information that could be critical to terrorism investigations." Maybe he's angling for a Medal of Freedom since they are giving them out as fast as they can make them. There was some good news. Seems as if after years of trying to get their "virtual case file" computer system to work the FBI will give up after throwing around $170 million dollars down another "geniuses at work" rathole. The FBI has for years been in the typewriter age with reports of agents taking files home to scan and email, on their kids' computers, to other FBI offices because that capability doesn't exist at the FBI. Their new computer project called "Sentinel" is expected to be in place around 2009. They're great at the naming part of top secret projects just not the getting the thing to work part. The FBI might be able to wait until 2009 I'm not sure Dr. Evil will.

Take the Curmudgeon's adivce. Hire some geeks away from Google and Apple and Babelfish and just get it done. You've had enough money, you've had enough time you just don't have enough brains. Hope I didn't wake you.

BONUS POSTING: Gary Berntsen, a retired 23-year CIA covert Middle East case officer and Republican and avid Bush supporter, has written a book called "Jawbreaker" named after the CIA team inserted into Afghanistan in late 2001 that he commanded. Small problem. The CIA is blocking publication of the book which among other things refutes W and the adminsitration when it claimed U.S. commanders didn't know Bin Laden was at Tora Tora and where he escaped from.


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