Monday, August 01, 2005

Robert Novak - River Rat

Robert Novak, proud to be called the "Prince of Darkness" has slithered out from under his rock from his sewer dwelling to "break his silence" about his column that outed CIA officer Valerie Plame. (Fun fact: Richard Perle also is called "Prince of Darkness." Seems like lots of conservative Republicans seem to like being identifed as Satan. Wonder why?) Novak, after writing not one but two columns outing Plame, a CIA officer working on weapons of mass destruction non-proliferation issues and her cover company Brewster Jennings, and after the criminal investigation began hasn't said a word on his role in the affair. Class act that Novak. Ring and run. Another coward. Another river rat of a human being damaging national security just to do the political dirty work of Rove and Company. Novak finally gets a story right, that Plame worked for the CIA, and it damages national security. Congrats Prince. And if you think it didn't read this and this and then tell me I'm wrong.

So the river rat, or sewer rat if you prefer they're interchangeable, has gutlessly and shamefully appeared literally hundreds on times on t.v. since the outing but has refused to speak about any aspect of the case. Not whether he has been subpoenaed, or whether he has testified before the grand jury or what he may have said to them all of which he is free to publically discuss. Matt Cooper has written at length about his grand jury testimony for example. Novak proudly claims he is in no legal danger but won't give the world a full accounting of the outing columns and how they came to be. Guess he's too busy. Maybe he's working on other columns outing NSA sources and methods. Maybe the wife or daughter of some political enemy of the White House works there and since Novak can't get away with physically killing them (at least until he gets that lateral promotion to interrogator of ghost detainees) he has to execute their careers and damage national all in the name of doing the revenge work of Karl Rove.

But Novak has found a little time to break his silence and then crawl back into his rats nest. Probably crowded in there. Guess that "no comment" stuff is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. Novak scurries out of the darkness just enough to call a CIA spokesman a "liar" and then scampers back on his way. Another proud moment in journalism.

Whether Novak, Judy Miller, Karl Rove, Lewis "Scooter" Libby (I got to tell you anyone past the age of 9 who actually like to be called "Scooter" is creepy) or anyone else did anything criminal in the Plame outing is in the hands of the special prosecuter. But whether something is criminal shouldn't be the standard of decency in Washington. It's not what's illegal that makes the Curmudgeon cranky it's what may be legal. Novak may haven't done anything criminal and besides, it's hard to indict a river rat with all the animal rights groups like PETA watching.

BONUS POSTING: Wow. What a bad week to be a Boy Scout. First four scout leader die in an electrocution accident. Then hundreds faint from the heat. Then another scout leader and scout died after getting hit by lightning. Yikes.

BONUS POSTING II: Atkins Nutritionals Inc., the company that promoted low-carb eating into a national diet craze, filed for bankruptcy court protection Sunday. The popular diet told it's cult members, uh, followers, uh, oh forget it, to eat bacon cheesburgers but no bun. Eat a steak covered in blue cheese but no baked potato. What a shock the diet trend didn't last. Live fast, die young and leave a really big corpse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course, they were sitting out in the sun because they were waiting for Bush to get around to talking down to them. Bush couldn't be bothered to send them a message, I guess, but that's the price we pay for Freedom - which as you know, isn't free.

Worse than the heat is the political sludge these kids are given when the Scout organization subjects them to other demented speakers like Ann Coulter. Repulsive when some leaders are pedophiles while they exclude gay kids. Too bad about the Scouts - it could be a great organization if you got rid of the organization.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The turds are blossoming all over Washington today - must be the heat, or rather it's a way to take the heat off the Rove/Novak situation. The UN will now have it's own Turd Blossom to represent this already disgraced and disgraceful country. Bush's end run in appointing Badwig Bolton to a position where he can do the most damage is, of course, only the latest grotesquery in his Hitlerian escapade - and yes, there I said it. He has only one more Hitlerian card to play and that's to declare special emergency powers.

Wait for it.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's more like Prince of Dorkness. We all know that these dweebs were the ones wearing wingtips and carrying briefcases on Campus during the Viet Nam war. They were and still are misfits and losers - the same gene pool every tyrant fishes his followers from and they have spent the rest of their lives seeking the Revenge of the Turds.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Petunia McGillicuddy said...

hahaha anonymous, you write like that and yet can't think of a name for yourself? please come up with a name so when I am in a rotten mood and need a laugh, I can find you again.

1:43 AM  

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