Friday, August 05, 2005

Robert Novak - up the Prozac

Let us pray the children weren't exposed to Robert Novak's profane outburst on CNN yesterday. If you haven't heard, Novak flipped out while discussing Katherine Harris with James Carville, barking, "That's bullshit!" and then walked off the set during a live show. Typical for a bully who can dish it out but can't take it. The Curmudgeon wrote about Novak just this past Monday, outlining what a lowlife he really is - three-piece suits to the contrary. Novak is basically a shill for the W Administration and for right-wingnuts everywhere and when Carville said, "go ahead show them [the Wall Street Journal editorial page] how tough you are," he lost it. And what's the best this word maven can do? "That's bullshit," he yells and then like the coward he is he walks out. He is and always will be a bully, plain and simple. Not unlike the Bushes and their minions.

Remember all that "coarsening" of society the Crusaders talk about? Any word from them now? Any FCC complaints from the Brent Bozells of the world? No press release from the indecency crowd who want to protect you from all those bad words and images because we all know it was all that "Sex in the City" and gangster rap that sent Hitler over the edge. Nothing. Not a word. And there won't be.

The recent history of public cursing Crusaders is getting larger. There of course was Cheney calling a reporter "a major league asshole" and telling Sen. Pat Leahy to "Fuck yourself" on the Senate floor. Bullies. All of them. What's most dangerous with W and his Crusaders is that they have the power to bully a nation into war.

Perhaps it was the Curmudgeon's blogging that sent Novak over the edge. Maybe he was promoting Harry Frankfurter's tome on cow pies entitled, what else, "On Bullshit." Or maybe he's just nuts. But whatever led to Novak's meltdown it's a good argument against concealed carry gun laws and for more Prozac. Can't wait for what Novak has in store for us next. Maybe it was all a set up by Valerie Plame. But unfortunately you can only out her once.


Blogger d.K. said...

Interesting, in Novak's self-serving opinion piece you mentioned earlier in the week, he states that he has "48 years in journalism" so how dare anyone question his methods!!! Does someone with 48 years in journalism and presumably some familiarity with the FCC say "that's bullshit" on live TV? Just asking...

10:54 AM  
Blogger scott heiman said...

Carville's little dig, should be standard playbook for all Democrats in debates with Republicans. Little digs here and there will most likely prod the same results from most Republicans and will show them for who they are (as if their actions didn't already).

11:14 AM  
Blogger the WIZARD, fkap said...

Interesting.... You want the FCC to investigate the use of the word "bullshit?"

You know, just this morning I heard Mike Barnicle, in a brilliant anti-war diatribe on Imus on MSNBC say "God Dammit."

Words are not the problem. Actions are.

Be careful what you wish for........

11:18 AM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

DC responds:

Of course I don't want the FCC to investigate. I'm outing the hypocrits. I'm completely against the FCC and the former chairman Michael Powell going after Howard Stern, CBS, ABC, HBO etc. It goverment regulating taste.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous daddy warbucks said...

I hope all the kids did see it. I want the kids to know all about the crooked preachers, the pervert priests, the foul mouthed phony moralizers, the lying, thieving, cheating, murdering politicians – the bigoted evangelists, the bible twisters, superstition salesman, shameless shamans and pious frauds, the anger mongers, the fear peddlers and purveyors of slippery sophistry. Let’s show them the jingoistic jerks who convince kids to go out and die for nothing. Let’s show them the bastards who get rich from war and tell us it’s about freedom. Let’s sit the kids down, give them popcorn and lemonade and show them the works. Let a thousand blowhard bullfrogs bellow.

Kids are a lot better at smelling the bullshit than we are.

Three piece suits? How retro can you get?

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Crackerboy said...

Mike "Mellonhead" Powell has less to recommend him than his biggest detractors usually allow. Besides having exhibited gross conflict of interest in championing Broadband over Powerline technology which enables the power companies to sell internet service while causing severe interference to all kinds of legitimate broadcasting, he was all for letting the broadcasting monopoly boot independent (read Liberal) stations off the air.

As usual, all the heavy breathing about decency was a coverup for selling the public something that already belongs to them - and telling them they're getting a deal.

1:21 PM  

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