Friday, October 14, 2005

Confirm Harriet Miers

The "pit bull in size 6 shoes" who is also a groupie for W, calling him "cool" and "the most brilliant person ever" should be confirmed with Democratic support. Why? What is the alternative?

Right now the right wingnuts are dismayed, depressed and demoralized. Perfect. Democrats supporting Miers should inch them even closer to civil war. And what really is the alternative? If Miers is forced to withdraw, not voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee or confirmed by the Senate, then the next nominee will be exponentially worse. It will be someone like Janice Rogers Brown who will get overwhelming Republican support because she is in fact insane, but insane in a right-wingnut way.

The fact is W gets to nominate judges and since Democrats don't control the Senate he could appoint Barney, his dog (or the purple dinosaur for that matter), to the bench and probably get it approved. Caligula appointed his horse to the Roman Senate why not a dog on the court? And filibuster? We lost that one this summer. If you think W, Cheney, Frist and DeLay wouldn't change the rules for ending filibusters you haven't been paying attention to how many other rules they've changed to game the system.

Miers is a lackey, a hack, a groupie, a crony and yes, even a detailed oriented hard working corporate lawyer. To say she is the most qualified person in America to be nominated is simply to prove that words have no meaning anymore. But a vacancy has to be filled and it can get filled by Miers or someone worse. Much, much worse. At least with her there is a chance she's not as bad as we think. With someone else there will be no chance. And there is the added benefit of letting the Republicans eat their own. Marvelous.

In the meantime we can sit back and have fun watching the self-righteous hypocrites on the right claim she is a legal lightweight, (such elitism!), or that she doesn't have enough experience for the job (unlike Michael Brown) or that maybe they'll vote against her in committee. (whatever happened to an up or down vote on the floor?). It would be hilarious if the Republicans actually filibustered their own president's nominee.

So I'm in favor of Miers simply because I know how bad the Court of Appeals nominees have been under W and Miers is the lesser of many evils just waiting to get nominated.


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My inside sources have Ann Coulter next on the short list.

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