Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sen. Ted Stevens - Keep your promise!

Less than a month ago freshman Senator Tom Coburn (R-Kooksville, Oklahoma) tried to take away $452.5 million from two Alaska bridge projects, known as the bridges to nowhere, and spend the money on hurricane-damaged bridges in New Orleans. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Crybaby, Alaska) had a tantrum on the senate floor over the move. Baby Stevens pulled out his pacifier long enough to whine, "I will put the Senate on notice -- and I don't kid people -- if the Senate decides to discriminate against our state, to take money only from our state, I'll resign from this body," he said. "This is not the Senate I came to. This is not the Senate I've devoted 37 years to, if one senator can decide he'll take all the money from one state to solve a problem of another."

For those of you who haven't heard, this was a spending earmark for bridges to link two small islands to the mainland. $229.5 million for the Knik Arm crossing near Anchorage and $223 million for a bridge to Gravina Island near Ketchikan. Gravina island has about 50 residents so it would actually be cheaper to buy each family on the island their own Lear jet or helicopter. The first attempt to strip the money out failed 82-15 in the senate. It just succeeded. The money has not been totally eliminated. It's now the decision of Governor Frank Murkowski (R-Murkowskiville, Alaska and former U.S. Senator) to decide what to do with the money. Frankie, on his way out the senate to become governor did a thorough Bush/Cheney/Miers-like search for his replacement and appointed his daughter Lisa Murkowski (R-cronyville, Alaska) to fill his senate seat. One more thing. Nancy Murkowski, the senator's mother and governor's wife, partly owns 33 acres on Gravina Island about three-quarters of a mile from the western end of the proposed bridge. Gee, I wonder what a $250 bridge linking a spec of an island to the mainland might do to the value of her land? I'm just guessing it would go up in value but that's just a guess. I also have a guess as to what Gov. Murkowski will do. Can you say "Murkowski Gravina Bridge?"

Getting back to Sen. Stevens. Oh please show us you're a man of your word and resign from the senate. Give Gov. Frank Murkowski's wife and Sen. Lisa Murkowski's mother Nancy Murkowski a chance to serve in the senate and show the country just how similar Republican cronyism looks like the corrupt family dictatorships around the world.

BONUS POSTING: Sen. Stevens also did his crime family party proud when he refused to force oil executives appearing before his committee to be placed under oath. Good thing since they apparently lied through their teeth about meeting with Vice- President Cheney in 2001 for his energy task force.

BONUS POSTING II: Wow. Take a look at this story about Rep. Kathrine Harris (R-Republic of JEB) and now U.S. Senate candidate who spent government money as Secretary of State in Florida to pay for "blessed holy water" to treat citrus canker. No word on whether another suggested treatment of swinging dead chickens over her head was used. Then read this and tell me if we're not only a step or two behind these loons who killed people because they thought they were witch doctors. Maybe the holy water and witch doctor killings are all part of the intelligent design.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Very few Americans can tell you what a molecule is, much less give you an worthwhile opinion as to how molecular struture might be changed by muttering words from medieval texts through one's beard.

I'm not surprised at Harris' snake oil scam - it's part of American culture. Everyone thinks a piece of quartz can cure what ails you, tea can make you skinny and that you'll contract a rhinovirus by getting your feet wet. We are as stupid a country as when PT Barnum was getting rich from our idiocy and superstition and ignorance and nobody seems to be in favor of doing anything about it.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

Wait. You mean quartz can't cure me? Uh oh.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Reign of Reason said...

Steven's is the crony’s crony...

The shear audacity to stand on the senate floor and defend such pork in the face of actual need should shock people -- but where's the out-cry?

If American’s don’t start sending ethical people to Washington we’re gonna start going down really fast.

Where are the life boats?

5:14 PM  
Anonymous moe_larry_cheese said...

As Jackie Mason once suggested, "if you want to balance the federal budget we need to put congress on commission. Give them 10% of everything they cut and we'll balance that budget in no time." Sen. Stevens bridge to nowhere is almost criminal and Congress plays this game every day. What's next? Moe Larry Cheese!

10:23 PM  

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