Wednesday, December 07, 2005

If you have nothing nice to say...

Ramsey Clark, a former Attorney General and international media monger who hopscotches around the globe finding the most despicable despots to defend in war crimes trials has opened his soup cooler again giving me my blog topic today. Clark, the son of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice has basically forced himself onto the Saddam Hussein defense team in Iraq probably fearing that he hasn't had any press attention in a while. I actually don't have a problem with fading old timers like Clark, who normally would be having the early bird special in south Florida but who spend their golden years helping mass murdering dictators. It's just they way he does it.

At his trial, Mr. Hussein is charged with crimes against humanity in the killing of 148 men and teenage boys from the Shiite town of Dujail, north of Baghdad, after an assassination attempt against Mr. Hussein there in 1982. But Mr. Clark suggested that Mr. Hussein's secret police had reason to act harshly against Shiite assassins who, he said, almost certainly had political links to Shiite-ruled Iran, then in the early stages of an eight-year war with Iraq. He compared the actions of Mr. Hussein's secret police with the muscular behavior of an American president's security detail.

"Just look at how our Secret Service works," he said. "I've been knocked down several times when they see some kind of threat." In any case, he said, he could not see how Mr. Hussein could be blamed for the killings. "He was the president of the country, he was in a war, he was a pretty busy guy," he said. "I can see this as a case of some of his juniors overreacting."

So the mass murdering retaliation of Saddam's not-so secret police is just like the U.S. Secret Service shoving people and besides, Saddam is "a pretty busy guy." Yes, busy murdering masses somewhere else. I'm a pretty busy Curmudgeon but I think I would remember if I ordered the killings of 148 people. Maybe what Clark was saying was that Saddam killed so many people and ordered so many tortures and deaths that he just can't keep them all straight. Wouldn't be surprised if Clark offered that as a defense.

In any event, Saddam will be found guilty of something, he will be executed and the Earth will be that much lighter. Hey Ramsey -- just before they shoot the bullets into Saddam and bill his family for the cost just tell him it's more like being knocked down by "overreacting juniors" of a very busy president in the middle of a war. Remind me never to commit genocide and hope that Ramsey Clark will keep me from getting shoved from this world into the next.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Clark actually serves a purpose - at least that's the theory. Much of the Muslim world perceives this to be a kangaroo trial run by the infidel crusaders. Anything that can be done to give him a credible defense - or at least a defense with credible counsel helps to diminish this perception and makes him less of a martyr.

Summary execution would have been a grave mistake.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Oh, and enough of the jokes about your elders - if people eat dinner at 5:00 it's because they aren't slaves and don't have to stay up late to have a life of some kind.

I would wager that you're not sitting around the pool sipping tea at the moment, so don't get uppity or me and my crew will come up there and run you over with our yachts.


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