Friday, March 17, 2006

King George the W.

Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory has been hitting the cover off the ball everyday on his blog. Most political junkies already know what a sick farce the Congress' response to the NSA spying scandal is but to find out just how sick it is you have to read Greenwald's blog daily.

The Bush program to use the NSA to spy on Americans, (as the FBI is busy spying on Quakers, peace activists and other "national security threats") without a warrant is widely known. Congress has refused to investigate a single element of the NSA spying program while they have time to question professional baseball players about steroid use. But now the Congress has gone above and beyond its slavish allegiance to all things Bush. Without having any investigation to find out what the Bush Administration and the NSA has been doing, Congress is poised to pass a "Presidential infallibility" law that say whatever they have been doing is legal. What makes this more of a farce is that Bush and his Congressional apologists have been arguing that the program is legal as the President has the inherent authority to conduct such activities. But if that is true then why pass a law that makes something legal if you are already saying it is legal? And beyond that if Bush can disregard the FISA law, which he has admitted to, why can't he disregard this new law? Why doesn't the Congress just pass the "Governing by Executive Decree Act" and get it over with? At least Bush probably wouldn't ignore that law.

This also raises another question. What other laws are being ignored by this president? It's a Schoolhouse Rock truism that Congress passes the laws and the President executes them. But when they said execute the laws I didn't think that meant literally. The White House has become a slaughterhouse for reason, science, truth, ethics and competence. Add laws of the land, privacy, judicial and congressional oversight to the list.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

"a slaughterhouse for reason, science, truth, ethics and competence" as defined by the Christian Right would be the new Eden.

The only goals are uniformity of belief and unanimity of submission.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

I uniformly and unanimously agree.

9:39 AM  
Blogger rMatey said...

News today said that the FBI is reading e-mails today - have they no shame? I wuz writing one on my 'puter to my girlfriend, and the things I wanted to do to her, and what she could do to me. Perverts!!!!!

8:43 PM  

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