Thursday, March 30, 2006

Should we torture puppies?

Should we torture puppies? Should slavery be legal? Can I be less cranky? In the words of Dr. Evil, "How 'bout no!" These, of course, are absurd questions that really have no "other" side to debate. However, C-Span did have a "debate" scheduled this past fall about whether the Holocaust was a myth or not until the Holocaust was not a myth side refused to participate so you never know. I bring this up since I just heard a CNBC anchor ask before a commercial break, "Should Congressman be prevented from insider trading?" Gee, let me think.

I raise this because the Senate just passsed what they call lobby reform which is nothing of the sort. They can still do practically the same things they've done before and they'll find new ways to continue the money laundering. It must be o.k. since they made it legal. They can fly on private jets with lobbyists and sell the country to the highest bidders. They can earmark millions of dollars to their favorite donors. They can let they wives "consult" on fundraising and take a 10 or 15% cut of the money they raise. What a great deal. A deal they will never give up. For them it would be like asking them to give up breathing.

So the next time you hear "Should Congress give up their right to steal?" don't think it's The Daily Show doing a parody of Congress. It might just be C-Span.


Blogger Deborah said...

Love your eloquence in this post so much that I quoted you at US Liberals at Here is the link:

-- Deborah White
US Liberals at,
A New York Times Company

11:14 AM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

So Cranky wants to torture small animals? Another Liberal outrage!

-Swiftboat Puppy Breeders for Truth-

5:36 PM  

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