Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Res Ipsa Loquitur - "the thing speaks for itself"

This one is easy. It's clear to a majority of the country that W and his people/apologists are detached from reality but this one should convince everyone in America whose brain still touches their spinal cords.

Here is what President Bush said at his press conference yesterday:

THE PRESIDENT: What we're doing is difficult work. And one -- the interesting thing that's happening is, is that imagine an enemy that says we will kill innocent people because we're trying to encourage people to be free. What kind of mind-set is it of people who say, we must stop democracy? Democracy is based upon this kind of universal belief that people should be free. And yet, there are people willing to kill innocent life to stop it. To me, that ought to be a warning signal to people all around the world that the enemy we face is an enemy that ascribes to a vision that is dark and one that doesn't agree with the universal rights of men and women. As a matter of fact, when given a chance to govern or to have their parasitical government represent their views, they suppressed women and children. There was no such thing as religious freedom. There was no such thing as being able to express yourself in the public square. There was no such thing as press conferences like this.

As W was giving his Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-style speech about religious freedom a 41 year-old, father of two, was being put on trial in Afghanistan for converting from Islam to Christianity not by the Taliban but by the U.S. backed Hamid Karzi government. Abdul Rahman converted from Islam to Christianity 16 months ago and unfortunately for him the current Afghan constitution allows for the death penalty for converting from Islam. "They want to sentence me to death, and I accept it," Rahman told reporters. Under the Taliban Rahman could have been tortured and publicly executed for converting so the fact that under the Karzi government he can only be executed is a victory for religious freedom? I guess you are free to practice any religion in Afghanistan as long as it's Islam. Should be pretty easy to book a bar mitzvah. I get it now. One moment please, my brain has to say bye-bye to my spinal cord.

And then this from W on Monday, March 21 answering questions from real people in Cleveland:

THE PRESIDENT: That's a great question. First, just if I might correct a misperception. I don't think we ever said -- at least I know I didn't say that there was a direct connection between September the 11th and Saddam Hussein.

Then the next day:

Helen Thomas: My question is, why did you really want to go to war (in Iraq)?

THE PRESIDENT: I think your premise -- in all due respect to your question and to you as a lifelong journalist -- is that -- I didn't want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong, Helen, in all due respect --

Q Everything --

THE PRESIDENT: Hold on for a second, please.

Q -- everything I've heard --

THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me, excuse me. No President wants war. Everything you may have heard is that, but it's just simply not true. My attitude about the defense of this country changed on September the 11th. We -- when we got attacked, I vowed then and there to use every asset at my disposal to protect the American people. Our foreign policy changed on that day, Helen. You know, we used to think we were secure because of oceans and previous diplomacy. But we realized on September the 11th, 2001, that killers could destroy innocent life. And I'm never going to forget it. And I'm never going to forget the vow I made to the American people that we will do everything in our power to protect our people.

Part of that meant to make sure that we didn't allow people to provide safe haven to an enemy. And that's why I went into Iraq -- hold on for a second --

Q They (Iraq) didn't do anything to you, or to our country.

THE PRESIDENT: Look -- excuse me for a second, please. Excuse me for a second. They did. The Taliban provided safe haven for al Qaeda. That's where al Qaeda trained --

Q I'm talking about Iraq --

THE PRESIDENT: Helen, excuse me. That's where -- Afghanistan provided safe haven for al Qaeda. That's where they trained. That's where they plotted. That's where they planned the attacks that killed thousands of innocent Americans.

I also saw a threat in Iraq. I was hoping to solve this problem diplomatically. That's why I went to the Security Council; that's why it was important to pass 1441, which was unanimously passed. And the world said, disarm, disclose, or face serious consequences --

No, W didn't actually say the words, "Saddam was involved with 9/11." He did what clever con men and do. He said "Saddam" in the same sentences with "9/11" and "Al Qaeda" and "Iraq" and "war on terror" so often that the public, whose brains were detaching from their spinal cords believed the intentional conflation.

The thing speaks for itself. I just wonder if the sick irony will reach enough brains before the November 2006 elections.


Anonymous Loulou_bleu said...

It's funny that he didn't invade Saudi Arabia because 2 of the hijackers were from that country. Oh, wait, W has ties to the royal family...Silly me.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Terra datta est in manus impii, vultum judicum ejus operit: quod si non ille est, quis ergo est?

10:51 AM  
Blogger Chris said...


11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I disagree with the premise that Bush is an idiot. I think he's actually very clear minded about his agenda - it just has nothing to do with human rights and freedoms and very much to do with his personal agenda, fortunes and to whom he owes personal alliegences.

12:40 PM  
Blogger rMatey said...

'Tis true, Bush wants to keep the wars going. Iran is next. Must sell more guns and ammo, must sell more oil, must make more money.
"We have learned that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength; they are invited by the perception of weakness. And the surest way to avoid attacks on our own people is to engage the enemy where he lives and plans. We are fighting that enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan today so that we do not meet him again on our own streets, in our own cities." GWB

7:58 PM  

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