Monday, April 03, 2006

Russ Feingold for President

I'm voting early. I'm voting for Sen. Russ Feingold for President. I don't care if he's not running (he is) or whether he can win (probably not). Feingold is the lone voice (now two other Democratic senators have signed on) calling for an official censure of President Bush for his illegal warrantless NSA wiretapping of Americans, most notably Quakers and other peace groups. Watch Fiengold's visit to the lion's den of Faux News and how he explains in simple terms why it's bad government to allow the president to make up his own laws and when it becomes public just make what he did legal retroactively.

Feingold also was the lone vote against the much criticized Patriot Act and voted against the authorization to use force in Iraq. Many Democratic senators should be ashamed of themselves for not standing with Feingold. They obviously made the political calculation that supporting a censure loses more votes than it gains for them. These are the same "geniuses" who have lost the White House, the Senate and the House and with it the Judiciary. What's even worse is that in 1999, a Censure Resolution against Bill Clinton for his "inappropriate relationship" with Monica Lewinsky was introduced after his impeachment acquittal by Sen. Diane Feinstein who is still in the Senate. She is either against or doesn't want to talk about Feingold's move. Sen. Chuck Shumer, then a congressman, voted for censure of Clinton but now is uncharacteristically quiet. Joe Lieberman? He was for censure in 1999 but against it in 2006. Then there is Sen. Orrin Hatch who not only thinks Censure itself is unconstitutional but also the FISA law he voted for in 1978. For a more thorough look on this just read Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory.

Gutless Democrats and hypocrite enablers of crime Republicans. What a way to start the week. Vote Feingold.


Blogger Chris said...

I concur.

I wrote one of my representatives, republican Steve King, and told him I support Feingold's call for censure. I got a letter back telling me that Mr. King supports the troops. He implied that I'm unpatriotic and don't support the troops. Then he said again that he supports the troops.

That's typical of the republicans. Ignore the issue the constituent brings up and wrap yourself in a flag and consider yourself bulletproof.

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