Monday, May 22, 2006

Government is about helping's just the lawmakers go first

With millions in economic crisis the Congress voted themselves a quadrupling of their salaries. "They are greedy," said a computer programmer, "They are out only for themselves." After coming into office they promised to reform an out-of-touch government. Their very first vote was to quadruple their annual salaries. "Then they really got to work, voting to give themselves low-interest car and home loans, generous health insurance and retirement packages." The salaries for the legislators are tax-free plus there are "a variety of allowances and perks, which can effectively double their take-home pay." Said one critic, "They want to make as much money as they can."

"The latest increase...nearly doubled the mileage allowances that lawmakers receive for their Mercedeses, Land Rovers and other typically sleek rides. They will now receive a monthly lump sum of $4,719 to cover" the miles they drive. "To get the car allowances, the legislators threatened to block a vote on the government's budget plan." Shortly after that the lawmakers increased their "constituency development funds," money that is used "to dole out money for projects close to home." The funds have been criticized as pork projects.

"People aern't fools," the speaker said. "People follow what they do, and if they don't stay in line with their constituents they will not be re-elected." Many of the lawmakers "believe they are short-timers, which is why they are feathering their nests as much as they can, while they can."

The Republican Congress at work? No, it's going on in Kenya. But Washington, D.C. is looking a lot more like Nairobi (or Nairobi like D.C.?) these days and it's hard to tell the difference. It fits in nicely with the banana republic declaration by W saying, "I'm the Decider!" Had enough yet? Vote November 7. Vote Democrat. Maybe the Republicans can find a new elected job in Kenya's parliment. They already have the training for the Olympic levels of greed and corruption going on there.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Now that they'e got a Democrat who took a bribe that's all your going to read about. They'll insist now that it's just a universal problem and not a Republican problem.

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