Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My brain hurts

My brain hurts. I see the headlines today and it's the usual parade of political flotsam. (I've been waiting since the SATs to use that word!). Of course the talk of pardon for I. Lewis "Scotter" Libby is starting. Not a pardon for the silly nickname he has but for his perjury and obstruction of justice trial that he faces. He will be pardoned you can bank on it. It's just a matter of when. So my brain hurts seeing another indicted government official getting away from facing criminal justice when you and I (were we stupid enough to lie to the FBI and a grand jury) would be throw in prison to rot.

The I read that conservative political strategist Mary Matalin will host a reception tonight to raise money for Scooter's defense fund. Matalin is married to Democratic strategist James Carville and formerly worked in the Office of the Vice President. According to those familiar with the reception, a mailing for the event included some 17 co-hosts, each contributing $5,000. I don't mind Scooter raising defense money it's just reminds me, the Matalin-Carville union, that national politics is a huge game, a huge joke on the us the little people. The campaign manager for George H.W. Bush marries the campaign manager for Bill Clinton after the 1992 election? I know love is blind and all but it all seems too much of a bad premise for a reality show on C-Span. I find it hard to talk to true believer Republicans and no matter how hot some blond chippy might be, if she is for banning stem cell research, tax cuts for billionaires and torture, I think I wouldn't be asking her out on a date in my pre-cranky's wife days.

It's a daily punch in the face the read the latest headlines but it's my job. Well, more like my hobby. Um, more like a colossal waste of time but at least it's harmless although my brain might disagree. I need to cleanse my mind's palate. So I'm asking for suggestions in the comments of non-political irritants that you might like the Curmudgeon to rant about in the near future. And if I get no suggestions I'll rant about that too. Either way I'll win. Just like Scooter.

BONUS POST: My brain is about to explode now. Today's Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald is a must read. In short, it's about the Flag Desecration Amenedment (a.k.a. flag burning) and how there are almost the 67 votes in the Senate to pass it. And who writes to defend the passing of the amendment in USA Today? Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. I mean really. What's the point anymore trying to be involved or active in Democractic politics with cowardly, anti-freedom, anti-rights, stab in the back Democrats like Feinstein? She's a total disgrace. As Greenwald says, "Dianne Feinstein is on both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee and sleepwalks as the Bush administration wages war on the constitutional principles which define this country. And yet this is the issue which has moved her to write an editorial in a national newspaper." With teammates like Feinstein I may be ending the blog long before November.


Blogger phinky said...

Even though I know the wingnuts are pushing for the flag burning ban amendment, sometimes I wish it would pass. So that way I can laugh at them when they do stupid things like display it improperly or sign it and get arrested for it. They think the flag belongs to them, but it belongs to all of us.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Odysseus said...

You sound like you need to take a vacation to refresh your mind. I'd like to read about the Mexican coastline on the east side of the Golfo de California if you could check it out and report back.

6:25 AM  

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