Monday, June 20, 2005

Lipstick, power, eyeliner...

Things aren't getting better; they're getting worse. The White House is completely disconnected from reality. It's like they're just making it up as they go along. The reality is that we're losing in Iraq."

--Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), U.S. News and World Report

Forget the obvious point here that this a Republican senator saying what has probably already made Karl Rove's "serious, serious injury list" ala "Rainman." What jumps out is the disclosure of the Republican party's political strategy in just about everything - "Make it up as you go along."

Sen. Bill Frist (R-HCA, Inc.) was on NBC's Today show on June 16, 2005 and had the following exchange with Matt Lauer:

LAUER: You were on the floor of the Senate at that time, not only as a senator, but a doctor, and in talking about Ms. Schiavo, you said, quoting you now, "She does respond." End quote. Were you wrong in your diagnosis?

Sen. FRIST: Well, first of all, I did--never made a diagnosis...

LAUER: ...but when you stand on the floor and you said, `She does respond,' are you at all worried that you led some senators...

Sen. FRIST: No, I never said that. I never said she responded. I said--and I reviewed the court videotapes...

In fact, on the Senate floor on March 17, 2005 Sen. Frist said, "I`ve looked at the video footage. Based on the footage provided me, which were part of the facts of the case, she does respond."

Frist '08 -- "Making it up as I go along"

Vice-President Cheney said on Larry King Live recently that he expected the Iraq war would end during President Bush's second term, which ends in 2009. And Yet Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Fox News ""The administration, I think, has said to the American people that it is a generational commitment to Iraq."

Rice not '08 -- "Making it up as I go along"

Can't wait for the Republican talking points memo to get circulated saying "Making it up as you go along shows a firm but flexible approach to address the ever dangerous post-9/11 world."


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