Monday, September 05, 2005

What more can you say?

There has been so much said and printed on Hurricane Katrina that there is not much more to add. Anyone who has been following this story pretty closely has heard about FEMA being folded into Homeland Security, having their budget cut and talk of getting rid of it completely. You've heard the current FEMA director, Michael ("Brownie, you're doing a great job") Brown, was friend of a friend of W's and was a disaster himself as the attorney for an Arabian horse association. You've heard Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff being ripped a new one by even Faux News when he repeatedly claimed that the Feds didn't know about the Lord of the Flies sequel going on at the New Orleans Convention Center.

And if you've been listening closely it sounds like no levees failed but it was actually the concrete floodwalls, designed in the 60s to withstand a category 3 hurricane, that broke. Kind of makes you want to start doing those home repairs you've been putting off. So the hundreds of millions or a few billion that should have been spent over the last 20 years is now going to cost something like $100 billion. Probably closer to $200 billion after the frenzied waste of throwing money to anyone connected to W before they contract again to do it right. Halliburton is already getting their first drink of government nectar.

You've heard the party line, and when I say party I'm talking about the Republicans, that "now is not the time to point fingers. Fix the problem not the blame." Only the problem is the incompetent and arrogant Medal of Freedom to-be recipients who are in charge right now. The same people, Brownie and Chertoff who have said that people were warned to get out and a lot didn't. Forget about the argument that they might not have been able to get into their Hummers and drive away, it's interesting that these guys think the people of New Orleans should have known how biblically devastating Hurricane Katrina was going to be but they and the fedral government didn't. Once again personal responsibility is for other people who didn't have foresight to be a friend of W's.

What more can you say? New Orleans is now Atlantis because we didn't fix the floodwalls when people who weren't war profiteers said that's what we should spend money on. We've seen there is no plan for a disaster this size even though that's what we've been told is coming from the evil doers in caves around the world. And New Orleans isn't even huge - it's 500,000 people. So Chicago, LA, New York, Kansas City, Atlanta - hope you sleep well at night. I can't.

BONUS UPDATE: Karl Rove has set up a war room in the White House to fix political not storm damage. The New York Times lays it out here and the Republican "blame state and local officials" memo is already being repeated by every employee of the GOP which means Faux News, Rush, Hannity, O'Lielly, G. Gordon, Tony Snow, etc., etc. The strategy is always protect the man, W, not the country no matter what.

BONUS POSTING: Look and listen to this and then try to figure out if it's fake and a sick joke or real and a sick joke that your tax dollars paid for.

BONUS POSTING II: God vs. God? The New Orleans Audubon zoo lost none of its large population of flamingos. "They evolved in a hurricane-prone area," said its curator. "They just hugged the ground, and their bodies are very aerodynamic. We didn't lose a single one."


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Please consider promoting this petition in response. WE can do something good for the people of NOLA.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Petunia McGillicuddy said...

geez, that nytimes article -- this is too much!!

10:58 PM  

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