Friday, October 21, 2005

What's left of your rights?

First they took away the rights of the weakest and the poorest of people - those filing for bankruptcy. Then they give blanket immunity to the gun sellers and manufacturers. Then they pass a legal shield for the food industry. Hear that giant sucking sound? It's your rights.

The Republicans like to say they are enacting their agenda. As I wish I had said, but Bill Maher beat me to it, stop calling it an agenda. It's not an agenda, it's a collection of laws that your contributors paid for. Amen.

You may like the bills passed, (it's not "may or may not" just like it's not "whether or not") but the overreaching by this Congress is breathtaking. Laws are being passed solely because they were bought and paid for. What is even more shameful is the Democratic support these bills are getting. It gives the Republicans cover. They can say, "See, it's bi-partisan!" Shame on the Democrats. People are working hard going door-to-door for them (I mean other people, not me of course my feet are too delicate) and this is how they vote? Shameful.

And the Democrats wonder why people don't understand what they stand for as a party? What is the narrative of the brand? Do you know? What springs to mind when you say Democrat? Is that what you want to be associated with? Is that who you want to wait in line for hours to vote for?

I hope there are a bunch of youngsters reading this blog. I'm going to save you from a lifetime of heartbreak. Don't believe in people. Believe in yourself. People have great capacity to disappoint you. I expect it from Republicans. I shouldn't have to with Democrats.


Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...

The two parties are morphing into one fascist blob before our eyes.

The Coming of the Third Reich, by Richard Anderson, tells the story of Hitler's rise to power and the parallels are frightening.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

But but - it's not about your rights - it's about FREEDOM! Don't you understand the difference?

You have to submit to tyranny to ensure your FREEDOM and everything Bush does is about FREEDOM. He just now told us that Air Force One was about spreading FREEDOM around the world and laundering money and bankrupting the treasury and giving away everything not nailed down to your friends is about FREEDOM because we're FREE as long as we go along with the program.

2:58 PM  

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