Monday, December 12, 2005

No News

There is nothing to write about today. Nothing. There is no interesting story out there to rant about. Elections in Iraq? Big deal. I've seen this before and I can't wait for the Corruptican spin that it means "victory." Haven't we had a "victory" about every week? I heard a blowhard on Faux News actually say, when asked, "what does victory in Iraq mean, how do you define it?" answered, "It means we win, they lose." He has a point. Unfortunately it's at the top of his head.

Saw the story of the Japanese trader who entered an incorrect stock order and crashed the Tokyo Stock Exchange and cost his house $225 million. Nice. Doubt he'll get a Christmas bonus.

Then there is another beacon of truth, integrity and "the people have a right to know" reporter over at Time Magazine who F-ed up the Rove investigation. Not only did she tip off Rove's lawyer that Rove probably didn't testify truthfully the first time giving him a chance to correct it the second time but she can't remember when the conversation took place - a critical factor in whether Rove might get indicted. She also didn't tell her editors at Time about her interview by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald until he wanted to have her testify a second time under oath. She is on leave from Time right now. Judith Miller, Bob Woodward, Viveca Novak. It's getting hard to not see the media as simply an arm of the insiders in D.C. and it's getting harder to trust what is written. Probably the most profound casualty in the last few years. And since the Corrupticans do well when the media doesn't its a net positive for them. Another lamentable outcome.

On the "good" side of things, there is some cooperation going on in Afghanistan where resurgent Taliban forces are working together to bring back the drug trade. Community elders and police officials said the Taliban has flooded remote villages with "night letters" ordering farmers to grow poppies. The notices are pinned to mosque doors or shop windows, said community leader Haji Nazaraullah. "They say 'cultivate the poppy or we will come and kill you,'" he said in Khanishin, a remote village bordering a vast desert criss-crossed with smuggling tracks. "A lot of people are very scared." Guess we should have had 140,000 troops there instead of Iraq but I'm not in charge. Yet.

And in a "positive" step for the GOP/Corrupticans they now embrace evolution. Well in fairness they embrace Darwinism. Well, in further clarity they actually support "Social Darwinism." It's the politics of "I've got mine" and they do it very well. Just remember when you read stories about airline cargo not getting checked or fire and police departments not able to communicate during an emergency like 9/11 or child support enforcement or student loans getting cut or tax cuts again for the top 1% or amnesty for corporations to re-patriate their profits back into the U.S. that the Corrupticans are in charge and they are here to help - themselves and their friends.

Hope something happens before tomorrow for me to rant about.

BONUS POSTING: If you're as bored as I am, check out the trailers for X-Men 3 and Superman Returns. Also, a must read here at the Onion by way of Andrew Sullivan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there's nothing going on you might as well just sit back, take it easy and crack a beer.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Ellen Beth said...

Why don't you take some time out to nominate a Democrat of the year.

7:19 PM  

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