Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Delay De-Coward

I knew Republican Rep. Tom Delay was a bully and cheat but now he adds cowards to his resume. Delay is a former bug exterminator business owner who hated those pesky government rules against bug poisons that might harm people and thus developed a deep hatred for all things government. Until he became part of it.

After building the House of Representatives into his personal kingdom, after bullying and threatening those in and out of government, after breaking (allegedly) Texas campaign finance laws (almost impossible) to redistrict Texas between the 10 year census (and getting the Justice Department career lawyers overruled to do it), after using Department of Homeland Security to track down Democrats who left Texas to avoid voting on his scheme, after getting the House to change its rules to allow indicted congressmen (him) to keep their leadership role (him again), after members of his staff were indicted and pled guilty, The Bugman has announced he will not run in November and resign his seat. What a coward.

After all that. After playing the thug and bully his whole life he does what all bullies and cowards do when confronted - they fold, they run away. He claims he doesn't want to be a distraction for Republicans and that his polling shows he probably will lose this fall. One report has his lawyers telling him he needs to focus not on his re-election but on keeping himself from spending the rest of his life in jail. That might also have the added benefit of helping to prove there is a god.

Under Texas law to get a new Republican on the ballot for November Delay must either die, be convicted of a felony, or move out of his district. In honor of the new baseball season including both Chicago teams in first place here's hoping for a triple play.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

He's not actually gone yet. He's talking about June, by which time the Cubs will be in the cellar again - unless the season is called because of the nuclear war Bush needs to remain in power.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

Subway series here we come.

11:51 AM  

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