Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What can't Bush do?

Simple question: What can't Bush do? We know he can arrest and imprison citizens indefinitely as "enemy combatants." We know he can tap your phones without a warrant. We know he can go to war without a formal congressional declaration of war. We know he can sign laws and a "presidential signing statement" can state, "you know that law I just signed, like the McCain torture ban? It doesn't really apply to me." We know he can order torture as long as you don't call it torture. So the question remains: what can't he do?

Can he attack Iran without any congressional vote? Does he need another authorization to use military force like the one he got for Iraq? Read this brilliant post (as usual) by Glenn Greenwald and you'll wonder or be convinced we don't really live in a separation of powers, checks and balances constitutional democracy.

It comes down to this - does any of the blogging, or reporting or editorials or protests or petitions or vigils or even congressional action or inaction mean anything anymore to the one and only "decider" living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? I'm voting no which may be the only vote I make that counts or is counted anymore.

BONUS UPDATE: My free iPod finally came by way of Los Angeles but it is in my hands now. Unfortunately there seems to be some bug as there is some issue between iPhoto and iTunes and loading just the photo album you want doesn't seem to work. Others have this issue per their posts on the Apple support discussion board. Hopefully they will fix it but at least I can listen to my nano even it if is two months late.


Blogger Cranky's Wife said...

Or you could give it to your loving wife and mother of your child(ren)....

12:21 PM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

In the words of Dr. Evil, "How 'bout no, ok Scott."

12:27 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

If you want to know the reason for the dumbing down of America - look no further than the ipod.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

This is such a comfort to know--that we are being led by a guy who may believe in Armageddon.

The only people who can be happy he's in office now are Jerry Jenkins (The Left Behind series) and his wife, Beverly who started Concerned Women of America, which you may think by its name is a group of liberal women activists, but...NOT...it's an organization that promotes biblical principles into all levels of public policy.

So long separation of church and state.

12:46 AM  

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