Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More search warrants, not less

The FBI executed a search warrant and searched the congressional office of Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) who is under investigation for bribery and felony stupidity for reportedly taking $100,000 from an FBI informant and then hiding the money in his freezer. Didn't hide it too well since the FBI found it when they searched his house. Did I mention the genius is a Harvard Law grad? Maybe if I showed a penchant for crime Harvard would have let me in.

Speaker of the House Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) said the Justice Department crossed the line that separates Congress from the executive branch by conducting the search. Basically he and the other members of Congress, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), are saying we police our own so don't bring your warrants and fancy legal documents down here. We'll take care of things ourselves. Sort of like The Sopranos with the New York and New Jersey crime families only this one with Democrats and Republicans. Now, I am not equating the institutional corruption the Republicans have raised to a world-class standard to one idiotic congressman hiding $90,000 in his freezer. Jefferson is a jaywalker compared to the crime bosses in the Republican party. Don't get me wrong, I think if Jefferson is indicted the House should, as they can, vote him out of the Congress with a two-thirds vote. If convicted I think he should be put in jail for life. I have zero tolerence for public corruption. What I find interesting is that of all the cases Attorney General Alberto Gonzales could have approved a search warrant it was for a Democratic Congressman. Where was the search warrant for Republican Duke Cunningham who is sitting in prison right now after taking over $2.5 million in bribes and had a menu for selling legislation. What about Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay? Where was the warrant for searching his office? Or for Republican Rep. John Dolittle or Republican Rep. Bob Ney or Republican Rep. Richard Pombo? Or the handful of other Republican Congressman who might go from being "Official A" to prisoner number 23456721? From the golf course to a criminal court.

So I'm for more search warrants being executed in the halls of Congress. We are at war people. Haven't you heard? We cannot tolerate this public corruption. They might even be selling their office to terrorists. So I say more search warrants, not less. Hey, forget about the constitutional issues of separation of powers. Give them credit. At least they are using a warrant. That's a step up for this administration.


Blogger rMatey said...

I don't think you have to worry about Congress being bought by the terrorists. They are getting way too much money from big business to even bother with the small potato stuff.

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