Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Better a shoplifter than a lesbian

A couple of fridays ago I wrote about Kathleen McFarland who is running is the Republican primary in New York for the U.S. Senate. She's a piece of, I'll say "work" since this is a family blog. Well her campaign is now over. Well not over but she is canceling campaign events and that's a problem since the primary is September 12. What was the straw that broke the camel's back? McFarland's 16-year-old daughter was arrested and charged with shoplifting in New York's Suffolk County. Actually shoplifting from two stores so arguing "mistake" is probably out.

"I will resume active campaigning only when I am certain that my daughter is O.K. and getting the help she needs," Ms. Farland said in a statement. This is the lady who wrote to her parents saying why she had cut off contact with her brother Michael, who was gay and died of AIDS-related illness. "Have you ever wondered why I have never had anything to do with Mike and have never let my daughters see him, although we live only 15 minutes away from each other? He has been a lifelong homosexual, most of his relationships brief, fleeting one-night stands." Yes, keep the innocent waifs from your brother who was a homosexual because why exactly? You feared your daughters would want to start dating Ellen DeGeneris? Based on that logic what shoplifter did you let hang around your 16-year-old daughter? Oh, now I remember. Maybe it was this guy, Claude Allen, former Assistant to the Dear Leader George W. Bush for Domestic Policy and almost Federal Appeals Court Judge. (I mean holy moly.) On Allen's resume is congressional campaign aide, Senate staffer, state Cabinet secretary, domestic policy advisor, federal appeals court nominee and shoplifter. At least he's not gay right Ms. McFarland?

Unless she was born that way it must have been bad parenting that led McFarland's daughter to steal. Since I'm sure "Thou Shalt not Steal" was in her face seven days a week since age 3, from pre-school through high school as well as church, it's hard explain how this happened. And since we don't know for sure if she hung around Claude Allen it must be the parents who didn't raise here right. But that admission would take some personal accountability on McFarland's part and we know that gene isn't in Republican DNA. The only question is when did Kathleen McFarland get exposed to the resume challenged, mean-spirited and cruel person she turned out to be?


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