Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who are these people

I've read the first couple of articles from Jill Carroll, the Christian Science Monitor reporter kidnapped and held for 82 days in Iraq and it's hard to imagine the constant terror she endured. At one point she begged her captors to kill her with a gun and not a knife. "You're my brother, you're truly my brother," [Carroll] said in Arabic [to her captor]. "Promise me you will use this gun to kill me by your own hand. I don't want that knife, I don't want the knife, use the gun."

In an ambush on her car her translator was murdered and she was taken hostage. Gun-wielding men jumped into her car and sped away. "Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!" my abductors shouted, joyful. "Jihad! Jihad!" They quickly drove [the] Toyota onto the highways of western Baghdad and surrounding farmlands, going in circles, apparently to kill time. Their "success" was granted by God, they believed, and they issued thanks repeatedly. "Allah Akbar," they said. "God is greatest." "They're going to take me out into a field and kill me," I thought. They seemed to read my thoughts, perplexed that I was afraid amid their jubilation. "Why you worried?" they asked. "No, no, no, [this is] jihad! [We are] Iraqi, Iraqi mujaheddin! Why you worried?"

At the first place she was held, a small house, Carroll was given a new set of clothes. "They took pains to explain they wouldn't take the $100 in cash they'd found in my pockets. 'When you return to America, this with you,' said one, waving the $100 bill. Who were these people? Kidnapping was justified, but taking money was not? And less than an hour after killing [my translator]".

She was moved often. On one car trip she sat blindfolded in the back seat. Soon she realized there were children next to her. "A cassette blared a recitation of the Koran and every few minutes the nervous men would mutter 'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,' as we drove through the darkness. Then one of them said in Arabic, 'What are you? What are you?' A tiny voice next to me replied, 'I'm a mujahid,' a holy warrior. It was a boy - I'd learn that his name was Ismael, and he was 5 years old. Just a child, already indoctrinated."

Carroll asked "who were these people?" Indeed. Who are these people? They kidnap journalists. Behead aid workers. Car bomb children, mosques and gun down each other with reckless abandon. Kill shepards for not puting goat diapers on their flock lest they tempt amorous men passing by and proudly proclaim they get their dignity, and as Tom Friedman says, their "buzz" from killing Israelis, translation: Jews. It's a pathology that only Arabs, Muslims and Islam can correct. Nothing Israel or the U.S. does or doesn't do won't change that. This is pure distilled evil. 200 proof. And given the choice of protecting or defending people who love life and their children and their children's future or not I'm going for the former. Because until those who stand on the rubble of Lebanon and declare "victory" decide dignity comes from building things other than longer range missles I'm for turning them into rubble too.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Who are these people? Why do we call them people? After all what was her crime other than not being a believer?

"These people" have spend lifetimes dehumanizing anyone who doesn't believe in their murderous ways and their vicious morality - do they deserve to be treated as humans?

She was very lucky. Others less so. Remember Terry Waite whose only crime was to be Christian? He spent 5 years chained to a radiator. At least he wasn't murdered with a carving knife like other infidels who went there trying to help people.

Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Hamas and the other bastards like them deserve no respect or admiration from anyone much less the snotty condescending folks here in America that whine about Israel's aggression from the safety of their middle class American lives.

I hope each and every one of these jihadists die a grisly and sordid death and I am happy to aid the process.

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