Wednesday, October 11, 2006

At least nobody died

After Republicans treid to blame Democrats, the media and even a secret gay society on Capitol Hill the latest defense of the indefensible conduct of Mark Foley and the cover-up by Republican House leadership is that at least nobody died. "Republican Rep. Christopher Shays defended the House speaker's handling of a congressional page scandal, saying no one died like during the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident involving Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy." That's the standard folks. I though "it wasn't illegal" was the lowest we could go but just when you think the Republicans can't go any lower they somehow limbo under the bar of ethics and decency with room to spare.

"Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody," Shays said. Well actually how do we know? I mean another Republican doing the ethical limbo when asked if he had any evidence to back up his charge that Democrats were behind the disclosure of the Foley man-boy love thing (as if making it public were a bad thing) Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry answered, "Do you have any evidence that they weren’t involved?" So I ask Rep. Shays, "Do you have any evidence Speaker Hastert hasn't killed anyone?" He could be strangling someone right now. Have you checked?" No? Oh, then on top of protecting a pedophile Hastert could also be a murdered. We just don't know.

We do know that the Republicans are out of touch with what people expect them to be doing in Washington while Foley was trying to touch boys he shouldn't have been in touch with. Whether it's Iraq, Schiavo, flag burning and gay marriage constitutional amendments, stem cell research or pedophiles in the halls of Congress, the Republicans just have no idea what matters to people in their daily lives. Most of us haven't killed anyone either Congressman Shays. So when Speaker Hastert resigns or is thrown out when the Democrats take over, should the most important qualification for the next speaker be that they didn't killed anyone or that they tried to do the right thing for our soldiers in Iraq, or a patient in a hospice, or some little girl in need of a cure for a fatal disease, or for people trapped in a hurricane and flood or simply a 16 year-old-boy who was working for free grabbing your coffee while trying not to be grabbed by a 52 year-old Republican Congressman who's a pedophile?

No Hastert hasn't killed anyone. He's just killed decency and honesty and hope that this country will one day side with the gropee and not the groper.


Blogger d.K. said...

Shay's used to be one of the few "sane ones" but his true colors are shining now, right? Another freak more interested in his career in Congress than the facts. I hope his ass gets kicked hard and high...

9:44 PM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

Yes he was a "normal" Republican but now I think he's worried about his seat so as usual they'll say anything to stay in power.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...

If "nobody died" is the standard, then Clinton's BJ should have been no problem.

12:34 PM  

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