Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Knives don't kill people, neocons do

I worked for a guy once who was a bit nuts. I remember one day he asked me what I had done on some bit of work and I told him. "You did what?!" he bellowed apparently upset at my answer. I then told him no I did the opposite just to see how he would react. "You did what?! That's even worse!" was his response proving that no matter what I had said he would have been hysterically angry. I'm reminded of that everytime the Iraq disaster is talked about.

President George Bush has now received the Iraq Study Group report and is on a "listening" tour to listen to things that he should have heard four years ago. No matter. The Decider will decide what to decide and when to decide it. In the meantime I have to listen to every Tom, Dick and Moron on television tell us that even though they got every prediction wrong over the last four years they should still be listened to. Their latest idea? Send more troops. They tell us that leaving would be a disaster. They say it would be seen as "cutting and and running" emboldening our enemies. So adding troops is now the best last ditch effort to turn things around. So staying in Iraq is a bad idea but leaving could be worse. Thank you Mr. President for spending our nation's blood, treasure and prestige to get us to this point. You should wear a t-shirt that says, "I invaded Iraq and all I got was this stupid t-shirt."

The question of whether to remove the knife from a wounded victim or leave it in is a lot like what's going on in Iraq. Pulling out is bad but leaving it in is only marginally better. I guess the answer to all this is not to stab in the first place. The neocons are great at stabbing, they just don't know what to do after that.


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