Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's politics, stupid!

In a classified briefing to senior Pentagon officials last month, which of course is all over the papers this month, a plan was outlined by Gen. John P. Abizaid, the head of the military's Central Command that would reduce American forces in Iraq by as much as 30,000 troops by spring 2006. Gee, I wonder what else is happening in 2006? Oh yes, that's right! Mid-term elections which traditionally aren't so good for the party in power less so when a wildly unpopular war is being fought. Or is it a struggle being fought as in the Global Struggle against Extremism. Depends on the day with the White House. What doesn't depend on the day is that politics is the only consideration for what masquerades as policy.

After 1,820 U.S. soldiers have already come home in coffins, having served their purpose to show that W is a "war president" attacking those who didn't attack us, 30,000 troops are going to come home next year no matter what. The caveat is always "if conditions on the ground allow it" but call Ladbrokes now -- they are coming home. Victory will be declared and a timeable for an exit stragety, (translation: cutting and running just like Daddy W did in 1991 after encouraging an uprising against Saddam) will be announced. The Shiites, who are in way past their third date with the Ayatollahs in Tehran, will soon be running an Islamic sharia state with the U.S. providing security as they slowly leave. I've always been impressed by the "create your own reality, make it up as they go along" crowd in this administration but when Iraq goes Islamic like Iran, breaks apart like Yugoslavia or descends into civil war like Lebanon their "yes we planned it like this" will be worthy of a Nobel Prize in chutzpah. There will always be room for the Crusaders to blame Democrats, the New York Times, Michael Moore and that "nag" of a woman Cindy Sheehan who has the nerve, after having lost her 24 year-old son in Iraq, to sit three miles from the Crawford ranch and cast a shadow over W's upcoming fundraising BBQ. Another "traitor" for Bill O'Reilly's list. Maybe Sheehan's son was there to "pad his resume" as Rush (perfect first name for a drug addict) Limbaugh accused Paul Hackett of doing when he volunteered to go to Iraq to serve.

W and the Crusaders have done more than gotten the U.S. into a unpopular war, they have made politics rather than policy the only consideration in its exercise of executive power. It's the new math where the answer is always what is in the best interest of the Republican party.

1,820 dead + 14,000+ wounded - 30,000 troop withdrawal = pure Republican self-interested politics.

BONUS POSTING: Miss Teen Ohio was crowned Miss Teen USA last night. Diebold, who made the black box voting machines for the beauty, uh, "talent" contest, has already denied in a press release that it tampered with the results. They said, "The risk to our reputation is not worth interfering with a beauty contest only with a national presidential election."

BONUS POSTING II: "Don Rumsfeld’s moral compass has two points: Let's not and say we did, and let's do and say we didn’t." Read the whole post here.


Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I'm waiting for the photos of Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda. You can't have a traitor without Fonda. And don't you think she threw her son's medals over the fence? Even if she didn't, she did.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Petunia McGillicuddy said...

future students' comments/gems

"Well it's too bad the people have to live like that, but we can't be the world's police force and saving everybody."

3:19 PM  
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