Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tossed salads on the menu

I have to be having a better day then Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. The former CEO and Chairman of Enron just got found guilty of conspiracy, wire fraud, making false statements. (Skilling was found not guilty of insider trading, woohoo.) While they have the benefit of appeals this will turn into years on jail at sentencing. For Skilling he faces a maximum of 175 years in prison. Lay gets off easy and "only" faces 165 years of incarceration. The Enron workers who lost their life savings must have a little bit of satisfaction that the two top guys were found guilty.

So I waited to hear the verdict before I grab my newspaper and get some lunch. Unless I get convicted in federal court on my way to get a sandwich I have to be having a better day than those two. So while I am ordering a tossed salad for lunch, Lay (how unfortunate a name) and Skilling will have to try to avoid them for around 165 to 175 years.


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