Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Freedom, privacy, blah, blah, blah

Let me tell you how bored I am. I watched C-Span for ten minutes and watched Republicans Sen. Orrin Hatch and Sen. Mel Martinez calmly support the end of freedom of speech in this country. With Iraq if flames, "breathtaking" fraud in the $2 billion range after Hurricane Katrina hitting the papers, and North Korea planning an ICBM launch (to carry one of its nuclear weapons one day?), what does the Senate prepare to vote on? A constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration. So after getting physically ill watching a line-item veto of the Bill of Rights being supported I decided to surf the net to find a blog topic today.

I found nothing good that caught my eye so I decided to see what the loony right was saying. I went to Anti-Christ Coulter's site and it starts out, "I dedicate this column to John Murtha, the reason soldiers invented fragging." Lovely lady. She's the Madonna of right-wing politics. She knows how to cause a media circus and all it means to her is dollars and cents. Nothing new to write about her so I went to Michelle Malkin's site.

Malkin talks about the Rush Limbaugh incident yesterday when he was held for three hours at Palm Beach International airport coming back from the Dominican Republic. Apparently he had prescription medication, Viagra, prescribed to his doctor and not him. He was relased after the drugs were taken and report filed and referred to the state's attorney. So what is Malkin upset about? The violation of limp dick's privacy. His privacy. I may be in favor of this just because the thought of El Limpbo in a darken room wearing a bathrobe with light music playing in the background taking a little blue pill twenty minutes before he imprints some obviously mentally ill or well-paid woman with his love sweat makes me want to hurl and then hurl again. So on that count I wish they hadn't told me what drugs noodle-dick was smuggling back into the country. But the humor of it is that the "tough on crime" Malkin who is typically against drug smugglers (unless they are Republican talk show hosts) doesn't seem to care about anyone else's privacy except El Limpbo's.

If your not talking to al Qaeda you have nothing to worry about, right? If you're not smuggling illegal prescription medication you have nothing to worry about, right? She should be for more searches especially at airports dealing with international flights. Remember when you are in international customs you're not on U.S. soil. Different rules apply. When Whitney Houston or David Crosby is busted in an airport with illegal drugs we all hear about it but when Viagra-boy has his latest drug offense we can't hear about it? Maybe it was classified mission and no paper should be allowed to print it.

When they arrest the Keystone Kops Miami 7 everything about them is released to the public including that they never met with anyone in al Qaeda, had no weapons or explosives and had plans that were "more aspirational than operational." Malkin apparently doesn't mind their privacy to end as soon as Alberto Gonzales starts his embarrassing press conference. But Rush? No, his privacy is untouchable just like I wish his wee-wee was.


Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...

The insane have to stick together.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

The only thing that keeps my head from exploding when hearing these things and hearing people defend them, is the knowledge that we've always been this bad. We've never been a democracy, we've always been bigots and idiots, ruled by crooks and liars.

I'm not offering hope for the future, but maybe there's hope that I will have time to get out.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

Take me with you.

1:45 PM  

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