Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a shock

Last Wednesday, I wrote about the JonBenet Ramsey traveling and flying circus (apologies to Monty Python) that winged its way from Bangkok, Thailand to California to Boulder, Colorado. So now it turns out that science triumphs over faith again. Having faith in science rather than believe in the science of faith will always be the truth that sets you or John Mark Karr free. And what does science have to say? Turns out that Karr's DNA did not match the DNA found at the murder scene so he is eliminated as the killer even though the voices in his head keep insisting the opposite. Didn't it seem odd that the guy claimed to be obsessed with JonBenet Ramsey before she was murdered even though no one knew who she was before she was murdered? She was the 6-year-old daughter of some guy in Boulder who happened to be in kiddie beauty pageants. (The girl not the guy.) What fame did she have to interest Karr before she was killed? None, which is why he couldn't have been interested in her before she was killed. Seemed obvious to anyone not interested in blathering on cable for 25-hours-a-day.

What a shock that the thin, beady-eyed, limp boned whacko, John Karr, who practically wore a "Ask me how I killed JonBenet" button for the last ten years didn't have anything to do with the girl's death. What a shock that the media went to "11" on their coverage of most celebrated murder case since O.J. The coverage was a disgrace. Now we will get coverage on the coverage to heap disgrace on top of disgrace.

I know it seems I'm following the story but I'm really not. It's just in your face everywhere I turn and at some point it's worth commenting on. Hopefully this story will go back into the closet until the real killer is found. Maybe he's rooming with the guy who killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. I'm sure the media would be in orgasmic rapture if that were true. But being truthful isn't important anymore with the media or with politicians and government officials. The only thing important to them is that you are first to say something, anything on any subject even if you have no facts. Actually, having no facts is even better for them since they can't be wrong about wild speculation, baseless conjecture and rank opinion. Being right is just an afterthought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about truth in advertising? Is Monday no longer considered a day?

3:37 PM  
Blogger Crankyboy said...

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Blogger Crankyboy said...

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Blogger Crankyboy said...

You caught me. My streak is broken. I went out to a charity golf tournament which was rained out due to a day long thunderstorm. Then after getting home I put the rug rats to bed and forgot to post. The next step is quiting completely. Don't tempt me.

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