Thursday, October 12, 2006

Manna from Heaven

I was going to blog about the Iraq Study Group, a group led by James A. Baker III that is going to release a report about what to do in Iraq. It will give the president political cover for what he accuses Democrats of wanting to do , "cut and run." Incurious George now blames that phrase on his own lack of a large vocabulary and no, I'm not making this up. As predicted the real reason Republicans have repeated the lie about Democrats wanting to cut and run from Iraq was so that when they do it people will think it's something other than cutting and running like the chickenhawk cowards they are. Turns out, are you ready for the market tested phrase, that Baker is going to advise "withdraw and contain." Not as catchy as "cut and run" but it's the same thing. Sort of like how the jungle and rain forest are the same thing. Or swamps and wetlands. (hat tip to Geogre Carlin). So brace yourselves for "withdraw and contain" which you will be told 24/7 on cable by the Republicans and their lackeys that it is not, I repeat not anything even remotely like "cutting and running." Got that straight?

As I said I was going to blog about that but I decided not to. (I think I just did.) What I am going to highlight today is good news. Check out this interactive map of some competitive races. It's kind of inside baseball and all but for those of us who know who Heather Wilson or Curt Weldon are it's sweet, sweet manna from heaven. (Not to be confused with fruit of the gods - Cap'n Crunch with crunchberries or nectar of the gods - the pink milk left behind in the bowl.) Take a look at the map. I can't wait for election night to fire up the plasma screen and pop some popcorn. If these polls hold Heather Wilson is gone along with Curt Weldon and, be still my beating heart, Mean Jean Schmidt. Bye-bye Rick Renzi. Ta-ta Chris Chocola. And what can you add to the fact that the head of the NRCC, Tom Reynolds whose job it is to get Republicans elected and re-elected to the House won't get himself re-elected. That's like Democrat Rahm Emanuel not getting re-elected. I haven't fully explained why these people should be swept into the dustbin of history but just trust me. When the Democrats take over the House and these Republican Representatives get a "former" put in front of their title, it will feel so very satisfying. Sort of like getting my daily post up just in time.


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